"Making the simple complicated is common place. Making the complicated awesomely simple, that's creativity" Charles Mingus

The Muru Journey

In early 2013 I had an idea, an urge even, that I could not put to rest. I wasn't happy with how in our fast paced lives, we were rapidly losing touch with music.  We've all felt the magic of music at one point in our lives. Music streaming should be one of the most amazing things to happen for us and music, in a very long time - Access to all music. WOW! But it is far from perfect. We lost touch with the way we used to interact with music and streaming services have catered to and amplified our need for a quick fix. ... a great song is not meant to be skipped, and a moment with music is not to be rushed - it is to be enjoyed.

Part of my work was creating playlists for venues, like small restaurants, bars and cafe's. While consulting to the hospitality industry I kept stumbling on the same problems and after doing my research, the drive was there to fix these hurdles. Muru was initially set out to be a search tool for me, so that I could find more music like the songs I was adding to all these different playlists I was creating. It quickly become much more than that. What I had learnt as a DJ is that if you understand your audience, you can play pretty much anything you want.

So with Muru we set out to build a system where you, the user, would be the DJ but also the audience at the same time. All of us struggle to think of a song or genre we like, so we designed Muru specifically for those moments. Try it out for free.

Muru is an Aboriginal word from the Eora dialect of the Cadigal (also known as Gadigal) people of the lands now known as Eastern Sydney. The word loosely translates to Journey, path to/road to. It holds symbolic meaning to me, because I embarked on this startup journey in Australia, far from home, not really knowing what to expect. I wanted to show my respect to the original custodians of the land that I now call home and with every conversation I have about my company, I have that opportunity. Muru has one clear mission:  make every humans' music experience a magical one. Join me.