He is I and I am him

The What, the Why, the How,

My name is Nicc, and I've been a professional DJ since I was 16 years old. I grew up on Ibiza, the Island famous for its parties and larger than life nightclubs. My career started in the bars around the island and culminated into a 6-year residency at the world famous Pacha Ibiza, where I would play most nights of the week alongside some of the world's biggest names.

Music has always been an empowering force in my life. As a young one, I was classically trained in Music theory and played the Guitar. Funnily enough, I had terrible stage fright, and my dreams of being the next blues king were quickly put to rest shortly after my first ever onstage guitar solo to "The Blues Brothers - Peter Gunn Theme".  Oddly enough a few years later I would be entirely in my element, DJ-ing in front of thousands of people.

Music has always been much more than a hobby.  In early 2000's I studied Sound Engineering and the last decade I've delved deep into Musicology - specialising in musical genres and getting a deep understanding of how music affects our brain and influences us. I've spent a good decade and some change, creating playlists for brand and businesses and to date, I've clocked in more than 5000 playlists.

My mission is to empower everyone through music.

In 2014, I founded Muru Music. It was clear that music streaming was the future of music consumption, but despite having access to all this music, I found myself continually hitting limits and constraints. I was losing the natural touch to experiencing music and the professional way I needed to search for music.

Muru is an Artificial Intelligence technology company, building the first music brain that can automatically categorise and connect all digital music. I believe this is the missing link to create the future of personalised music experiences.

I'm admittedly a music nerd, and occasionally I write about stuff. Feel free to take a gander and step into my world at the intersection of music and tech on Medium.

I'm passionate about what I do and very excited for Muru to be a part of the future of music tech and discovery.

Hope to meet you on my journey.